Our staff are waiting to help you

Our staff are both dedicated and skilled at providing you with cost effective services and recommendations as to new equipment or upgrades to your present systems. All staff are specially selected for their skills and background experience, which we see as a pool of skills upon which you can draw. We seek at all times to offer the most cost effective yet efficient way to resolve a problem.

Our technicians are competent and skilled at all aspects of the latest technology and procedures. Our patrol personnel are of the highest calibre and are certified in all areas of their operation. Full Police and background checks are undertaken to ensure that all staff are of the highest calibre. You can relax, secure in the knowledge that your property is in safe hands at all times and with state of the art equipment in place to monitor all activities. 

The most affordable security solutions

Our low prices have remained the same since our establishment and we are renowned as one of the most affordable and high value security companies in the industry. Our sales staff will work out the best deal to suit you.