Paradox IP Module

Security Alarm IP Module
Security Alarm IP Module

Paradox IP Module

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Paradox IP Module connects to Paradox EVO, MG and SP Series. The Module allows the alarm panel to use the internet to communicate with the Monitoring Station.

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  • HTTPS support for improving security (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure; a widely used communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network)
  • Built-in clip for mounting in a metal box
  • Report control panel events via NBN Network to Monitoring Centre
  • Control and monitor a control panel through an IP network (LAN/WAN/Internet)
  • Compatible with Spectra SP series (V2.10 or higher), MG5000/MG5050 (V2.10 or higher) and EVO control panels
  • Use NEware or Babyware to access your system through the Internet
  • Receive notification of system alarms via email
  • View live status of all zones and partitions (e.g., open/close, arm/disarm, troubles and alarms) via web browser or iParadox App
  • Very low bandwidth consumption

Paradox IP-150 User Guide